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An Initiative by IITians

This site is designed to provide free education for IIT JEE Mains & Advanced to students. Most questions on this site is designed by IITIANS and/or sourced from other sources on internet. Our aim is to provide complete study material to JEE aspirants and review their progress and suggest improvements in their course.

We do not intend to compete with other JEE sources on the internet, whether free or paid. Our only objective is that the students must learn and improve his/her standard while competing for JEE.


Here you will find:

1. Free Lecture Notes for JEE

Study and Learn from IITIANS. Lecture notes prepared and sourced by IITIANS so that you learn concepts easily and with thorough understanding.

2. Practice Questions designed by IITIANS

Practice Questions specially designed by IITIANS to challenge the IITIAN in you.

3. Books

A list of most important books in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and their solutions by IITIANS.

4. Study Schedule

A well-prepared, customized and comprehensive study schedule for 1 year and 2 years to keep your JEE preparation on track.

5. Video Lecture and Resources

A comprehensive and ever-growing list of resources from the internet including course material, questions, video lectures, test series.